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Price Reductions

Power Stretch double-sided tights $25


Light-weight Windbloc regular style pants $33

Original fabric that Polartec would call Power Stretch was fleece on both sides.

  Some 20 years ago Polartec decided to make Power Stretch (this fabric has lycra for stretchiness)  with a smooth outside so one could layer better, as it slips under the second layer or pants.    Also, if you had a pet that sheds it means you’d pick up less of their hairs. 
   Those years when all they made was the double-sided Power Stretch people (myself included) loved them for running or biking in temperatures not too frigid.
  Imagine the fleece on both sides rather than smoothed out outer side of the tights.

And this green fabric is light-weight Windbloc / front side & back side

Light-weight Windbloc fabric

Power Stretch — Choose from colors — Navy; royal blue; dark green; grape; black; dark purple

and choose a color of light-weight Windbloc — moss green; red; black

Polartec’s®  Power Air™  now in colors and black

Compare with this Power Air hoodie.

Foxwear simpler design for just $66

short video about Power Air ™

Power Air in gold

cadet blue and teal/navy

Pants size Medium weigh 11 1/2 ounces in lightweight Power Air

Pants size Medium weigh 14 ounces in regular weight Power Air

and here you see lightweight Power Air in navy and black

New Prices

E Vap Lite jacket     $ 94

Standard style jacket of most fabrics or E Vap Plus jacket or Snowboard jacket  $ 100

Power Stretch tights  $ 49

Power Stretch  Merino Wool tights  $ 49

Power Shield tights   $ 70

Power Shield pants   $ 94

Fleece pants  $ 66

Backcountry pants  $ 75

NeoShell jacket  $ 165

Neoshell rain pants  $ 165

Power Shield rain pants  $ 120

Power Dry or Power Wool shirt   $ 38

Power Dry or Power Wool short-slv shirt   $ 32

Pullover 1/4 zip t-shirt $ 59

Polartec Delta for shirts come in teal/blue, medium gray and olive green.  The long-sleeved shirts  $45    short-sl   $40

 Polartec Power Air is an insulation middle layer in colors…. also a lightweight style in black …. long-sleeved shirts   $ 60

Power Air full-zip hoodie $ 79

Hoodie shirt  – simple pullover style $ 66

Power Air pants $ 66

Power Air pocketed pants $ 76

Vests   $ 65

Hats  $ 10

Earband headband  $ 10

Balaclava   $ 15

Socks   $ 8

Newest Polartec fabrics

Newest Polartec fabric details

    For tights and hoodies  —  Power Stretch/Merino Wool now available in yellow … be visible when worn as the outer layer and  great warmth when used as the first layer.     6.8 oz / sq yd      47% wool;  42% nylon;  11% spandex

      A warm style of Power Stretch Pro for tights, hoodies, hats or socks.   DWR makes it very water and snow resistant.   Black  and gray 7 oz / sq yd 

    NeoShell  —    5.4 oz /sq yd     spruce green      warm version   this style has brushed tricot fleece on the inner side of the fabric.    

   Power Air —          Polartec® Power Air™ is a new revolutionary knit construction fabric that encapsulates air to retain warmth and reduce microfiber shedding.   It is a performance fabric with advanced thermal efficiency that sheds up to 5x less than other premium mid-layer fabrics.     Black, dark navy blue,  off-white, burgundy and gray/cornflower. Also in a thinner Power Air black.

Power Stretch Pro in rich new colors:

Our diversity business in Idaho

12 years ago Patricia Ama and I shared Royal African Culture with Foxwear. What better way to express our love of diversity? Following are pictures of this adventure.

African clothes made here now in 2022 For sale at $60 each

A brief history of Ama’s Royal African Culture work in Salmon.

A happy student

Upon getting USA citizenship 12 years ago, teaching W African cooking was great fun.

Idaho teachers heard Ama was living in our community and so she was invited to give these youngsters a glimpse of the world they couldn’t even imagine.

Next came using our industrial sewing machines for African styles using African fabric.

Design created at the shop

A few customers called after discovering us on the Internet.

Gwen wearing a casual dress of Ama’s

We introduced Ama’s creations to people visiting fairs in Salmon Idaho and Western Montana. People needing diversity were overjoyed.

Face mask of African fabric

Here are some creations

We’ve been interested in these fabrics for a long time.

How-To Measure Yourself for Garment Sizing





Here at Foxwear we offer custom sizing on every item, but if you haven’t been fitted for clothing before you may not have your measurements handy. Remember, sports clothing and casual clothing are fit differently. Note this when taking measurements for pants vs tights etc. Some measurements will be easier to take with a helper. If you have any questions about measurements, please send us an email or give us a call!

Sleeve/arm length: Continue reading How-To Measure Yourself for Garment Sizing