About Lou Binik

Wearing NeoShell on a rainy day in North Holland

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Hi, I’m Lou Binik, founder of Foxwear.

I’m someone who loves all outdoor activity. I began practicing yoga in 1970 and now enjoy wonderfully balanced movement whether I’m roller-blading, running, bicycling, skiing, rafting, or hiking. I feel that God stands for Great OutDoors, and we have been blessed with the chance to enjoy it so thoroughly.

My Start in Athletics:

My beginnings as an athlete started in high school when I joined the cross country team. I competed in the sport into college as well. While in college I also began road biking, doing many century (100 mile) rides. I eventually wandered into mountain biking and even took up racing.

I went on to learn skiing, becoming a racer in that as well. Not to mention the triathlons and marathons I’ve competed in! I returned to Sonoma State University in my 30’s to study sports psychology. While there I also took classes in rock-climbing and the triathalon.

My Start in Clothing:

Just before college I bartered for a sewing machine by “accident”. While in college, as my interest in road cycling grew, I made myself a pair of multi-colored bike shorts. Professors and students started asking me for them! I also made some wildly colored tights and received many requests for those as well.

In 1987 I moved to Idaho to search for quiet, wilderness, and a simpler lifestyle. My new surroundings helped foster the patience I needed to eventually launch FOXWEAR. I used this name because of my love of foxes. At one time I even raised a few!

As my confidence grew I got an industrial sewing machine and got to work making clothes for the “aerobics” set and downhill ski-racers in Sun Valley, Idaho. Serendipitously I lived next door to a woman who ran her own small business making clothes for plus-sized women. She coached and taught me as I expanded into making pants and jackets of Polarfleece.

I am a firm believer in Polartec products. I am amazed at the freedom synthetic fabrics have brought to outdoor pursuits, having become an indispensable tool. My basic commitment in my work is to provide affordable clothing for those who want to experience the joys of exercise.

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