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Royal African Culture shares space with Lou’s Foxwear. See the most recent blog entry for the story.

For all my customers who reordered over the years please bear with me. Our intention is to happily fill orders for your Polartec sports clothes. What at first seemed to be a delay of a couple weeks has now become months-long. If you’re led to believe our government helps its citizens in cases like these, I do too. Don’t give up hope.



      This vacation has been something of a surprise to have one itinerary after another cancelled.

Please tell me what you’re after.

    And please use email for any questions and you’ll receive a quick answer.   

Welcome to Foxwear! Our goal is to accommodate the demanding requirements of outdoor athletes in all climates. Hike, ski, cycle, from rain to bitter cold, Foxwear has you covered. What sets us apart from most outerwear providers is that we offer CUSTOM SIZING at no extra charge! That, with your choice of many fabric types and colors, gives you a fully custom garment! Big and tall? No problem! We can make garments for any custom measurement, insuring the right fit and all day comfort.

For true life testimonials search for  “cycling forums  Foxwear”.


Custom Sized Sports Clothing by Lou Binik | Salmon, ID | (877) 756-3699