Reviews …………………………. We just love the gear you sent us and we’re using it now because the weather has finally changed out here. I am wondering if you could make a few more long sleeve shirts for us. The Power Air material is absolutely wonderful. My favorite so far and we wish to have this next entire order made of the heavy weight Power Air Material if that is possible.

Cheerfully & Gratefully yours,

Bret & Laura Snover

November 2022


I’ve tried on the pants and they fit very well! Furthermore, your attentiveness shows in the design quality, which I’m highly impressed with! Nicely done.

I love the slim design and additional reinforcement in the butt. Good call with adding the additional material, which turned out well. There appears to be just enough room underneath these pants to wear a base layer next to skin, such as merino wool or something similar.

I’ll have your check mailed out this week. Thanks again for all of the superb, well-thought out gear!

Richard P. Burgunder III

………………………………………                                                                                                                   I don’t know where to start, pants sizing is perfect, just the right amount of loose for layering. Length is also perfect, the velcro gaiter straps perfect.
The jacket is possibly the nicest looking jacket that I’ve ever owned, and the fit is a tad long (which means perfect, when you are dealing with tall people’s clothing). It’s exactly how I hoped it would be.
I’m pretty picky, about my gear, this is easily the nicest rainsuit I’ve ever owned.
I think that you can raise your prices, your gear is that nice! I am very grateful.
Mike     (Canada)

Your clothes and a pair of Lake boots has transformed winter riding from a painful effort to be warm, to an enjoyable alternative to the indoor trainer. Thanks again. Rob McArdle  November 2022                         ……………………

review from Chris Woolfe     November 2015

Looking at buying pants online, I found that to fit my waist, I would have to order a Medium; but to fit my length it would have to be an XXL. Found Foxwear on google. Lou is very professional and delivered a 100% quality product on time. He made pants even better than I could think to ask for!  The material is strong and sturdy and reinforced in areas of need. Worth every penny!



I ordered a pair of ‘winterized’ Neoshell pants from you Oct. 4, 2013  and with the winter we’ve had this year in Ontario, NY they’ve worked great.

Twelve days of sub-zero temperatures so far with more in the forecast for this coming week.

Combined with a neoshell jacket and some long sleeved breathable shirts, I’ve stayed warm and dry while exercising outdoors.

Great product and I’ve recommended you to other winter enthusiasts.

-Kevin Roberts

Hi Lou, I’ve been using the rainwear, that you made for me, for a while now. VERY NICE! Now that it’s getting cold out, I’m wearing them every day. I find them perfect at 30F, below that I begin layering. Super nice gear. Just wanted to let you know. I actually look forward to the nasty weather now.

So much appreciated, Mike Giciuk.     25 November  2015

I live in rainy Vancouver Canada and I use my FoxWear pants for cycling year round – rain or shine.

I have previously owned two other brands of rain pants and I’ve been using my FoxWear pants for several weeks.

I have made a few observations about the service and the pants:

1. The service is excellent. In my case there was a small problem with my order and Lou was very responsive.

2. I am tall and thin. None of the ready-to-wear pants that I have bought in the past fit properly. It was a big treat to get pants that were long enough to cover the tops of my boots. I found that getting an extra 2 inches in length (over my full inseam measurement) made the pants fit nicely when my legs are bent on my bicycle. I no longer get water in the top of my boots.

3. I was concerned about the fact that FoxWear uses a 12″ Velcro slit at the bottom of the pants. My previous pants had a fancy waterproof zipper and I was concerned the Velcro would not be waterproof enough. I am pleased to report the Velcro works very well and I find the pants easy to remove – even when I have my boots on.

4. I bought the light weight fabric. Even at temperatures of -10 C / +14 F the pants are very effective.

5. If you live in Canada, I recommend you use the low cost Canada Post service. I was impatient and used the express service and the pants took exactly as long to arrive as the standard $10 service. (In fairness, Lou recommended the cheaper service.)


Cristian Worthington


  Lou – thank you – all arrived safe, fits like a glove.

Your service was great, and I do love my new rain gear. If I had to change anything it would be willing to pay extra to have UPS ship this; I couldn’t track the parcel as the postal system was not very good at entering the progress of the delivery (from you to LA, and from there I have no idea) which took close to 2 weeks – but it did get here.

I love supporting small businesses who take great pride in their products and their service – I wouldn’t hesitate in enthusiastically recommending your business.

Thanks Lou, it has been a pleasure.

Paul Nahirney / Canada

Thanks to, a great source for winter cycling information, for letting us reprint their reviews!

Power Stretch Tights

Hi IceBikers,

Several weeks ago I saw on the ICEBIKE site a section that listed Foxwear as a place that sold clothing suitable for biking.

Well, I tried it. I sent email to Lou and told him what I was looking for and he suggested several choices for material to use. I think Foxwear is unusual because Lou will make the clothing to fit your size and using the material that you choose. I also find the prices to be very reasonable.

I ordered some tights for my kids and myself. I also had a pair of pants made using Windblock material. I have found that pants made from that material is difficult to find…especially in my size.

Lou made the clothing and sent it to me in about a week. The kids like wearing their tights as pajamas at bedtime. Very comfortable. I use the tights and pants for biking, downhill and cross country skiing. They also are very comfortable and warm. Obviously the suitability of the clothing will vary depending on what material you choose.

What is helpful is that Lou is familiar with the requirements of clothing in different winter activities, and he is very knowledgeable about the different kinds of materials. He often will send out samples of the materials for you to look at before you make your choice.

I’m not connected with Foxwear in any way, just a satisfied customer.

– James C. Park

(Reprinted with permission from

Power Stretch Tights

Need something a little warmer? On days when its quite a bit colder, or for day-long outings, having tights made of warmer material is really welcome.

The small Idaho firm called Foxwear makes tights similar to those above but they are made out of 200 Weight Powerstretch. (300 Weight on request). The construction detail is very good, seams are strong and well made. The 200 weight Powerstretch tights are noticeably thicker than the 100 weight, but were still light and supple and form fitting.

I expected the 300 weght to be bulky and uncomfortable, but they were every bit as comfortable as the 200. The 300 weight is almost windproof. Great for those really cold days. I think the 300 weight would easily be warm enough at -10F, (-23C).

I reviewed both Blue and Black in two different weights and I like both. The tights lack gripper elastic in the cuffs, but ride-up didn’t seem to be a big problem. They are cut long enough to make a good snow proof tuck into your boot.

These tights are priced competitively and Lou Binik of Foxwear will make custom fitting adjustments if you ask. They also do custom fitting for women.

Lou is an ICEBIKER himself and knows the fitting requirements of cyclists.


(Reprinted with permission from

E Vap Plus Jacket

In addition to the cold weather tights (reviewed above) Foxwear of Salmon Idaho, makes several great looking jackets for such organizations as Stanford University Ski Team, Salmon Search & Rescue. Less than half the price of the (Northface) Sentinel Jackets, some models come in your choice of full Zip or half-zip (pullover). Also available is a sleeveless vest, for those crisp fall or late spring rides.

The E Vap Plus Jacket is a great substitute for the North Face Sentinel jacket at half the price. And the E Vap is available in BIKE COMMUTER YELLOW for high visibility in dark winter rides. Its a comfortable jacket, cut just right for cycling and has WindBlock everywhere except the black trim stripes. Those stripes are powerstretch and they add the breathability and form fitting stretchiness. I’ve tested the Yellow model and have switched to it as my primary jacket on dark winter days for commuting.

In addition you can select the fabric, colors and weights to fine tune some jackets to your local winters. Choose from 200-Wt, 300-Wt Polartec, Windbloc or Retro-X for really cold environments.

This is the only company we have heard of that allows you to tailor your garment for your body as well as your particular degree of winter. Their Website has information about each of the fabrics, and they will be happy to consult with you by phone or email about which fabric would be best for your needs.


(Reprinted with permission from

E Vap Jacket & Power Shield Tights

Decided to try Foxwear clothing after reading about them at IceBike. I am decidedly “cold” natured and thought this stuff was the ticket to riding this winter. Indiana has (to me) fierce winds and it cuts thru my clothing making me miserable when riding. I called foxwear and Lou (the owner) answered the phone himself–he said he likes to work one on one with people. I chatted with him about materials and what would be best for me. He asked me for measurements and intended use (biking).

I ordered an E Vap jacket in a two tone pattern. Yellow for the front and arms with a butternut color for the back. The front is midweight Windshield and Power Stretch is used for the sides, and under the arms and along the sides. Also ordered Power Shield tights in regular weight (black), a pair of rain pants (blue), a Power Dry Long Sleeve T-Shirt (blue), 2 pairs of Power Stretch socks (1 blue, 1 black,) and a Power Stretch hat (blue). He said two weeks and that a bill would be included (Who do you know that does that?).

Two weeks later to the day, the mail person dropped off my package. It was pretty small for all the stuff I ordered. Opened the bag and every thing expanded—this stuff compresses well. I tried everything on and it couldnt have been better. It fit exactly right and was really comfy. Like a kid I went outside and rode my bike aound the block a few times. Great fit.

Over the next 2 weeks—the weather got colder and boy did it rain and blow. Perfect testing climate! Temps in the 30’s and 40’s. I layered everything (Power Dry shirt, E Vap jacket, J&G rain shell, rain pants and socks). Wind blowing thru the clothes did not happen–I did sweat (I sweat alot) but the clothing pulled it away from my skin so I didnt get the normal chill when I stopped. When it stopped raining, I just used the Evap jacket without the rain shell and the tights instead of the rain pants. I stayed warm and when I started to heat up I could control it with the front zip. The inner layers dried quickly.

I am not affiliated with Foxwear in any way shape or form. For under $300 I got a complete set of hiking/biking clothing for all kinds of weather. I am most pleased with Lou’s work (great stitching and fit) and expect my new clothes to last years. Just thought I would share my experiences.

I’ve spent alot of money on clothing that either left me chilled with sweat /roasted or froze me. I was a bit leery of the “high tech” clothing. Well, I’m a believer now.

Dont get me wrong now—everybody is different and what works for me may not work for others! All I can say is that Im very pleased with the material that Foxwear uses and the fit and finish (as in “hand made”) is first rate. If you want to chat with Lou, he’ll answer any question you have about clothing and materials.

Foxwear gets “2 thumbs up” from me. user GiantDave)

Custom Sized Sports Clothing by Lou Binik | Salmon, ID | (877) 756-3699