Fall 2021 fabrics

Newest Polartec fabric details

    For tights and hoodies  —  Power Stretch/Merino Wool now available in yellow as well as black … be visible when worn as the outer layer and  great warmth when used as the first layer.     6.8 oz / sq yd      47% wool;  42% nylon;  11% spandex

      A warm style of Power Stretch Pro for tights, hoodies, hats or socks.     Black     7 oz / sq yd    48% polyester;  34% nylon;  18% spandex       https://www.polartec.com/fabrics/base/power-stretch-pro 

   Lightweight Power Stretch Pro —  4.4 oz /sq yd    66% nylon;  24% poly;  10% lycra     Black

    NeoShell  —    5.4 oz /sq yd     spruce green      warm version   this style has brushed tricot fleece on the inner side of the fabric.    

   Power Air —  7.9 oz / sq yd     recycled 73%         Polartec® Power Air™ is a new revolutionary knit construction fabric that encapsulates air to retain warmth and reduce microfiber shedding.   It is a performance fabric with advanced thermal efficiency that sheds up to 5x less than other premium mid-layer fabrics.     Dark navy blue  and  off-white