Price Reductions

Power Stretch double-sided tights $25


Light-weight Windbloc regular style pants $33

Original fabric that Polartec would call Power Stretch was fleece on both sides.

  Some 20 years ago Polartec decided to make Power Stretch (this fabric has lycra for stretchiness)  with a smooth outside so one could layer better, as it slips under the second layer or pants.    Also, if you had a pet that sheds it means you’d pick up less of their hairs. 
   Those years when all they made was the double-sided Power Stretch people (myself included) loved them for running or biking in temperatures not too frigid.
  Imagine the fleece on both sides rather than smoothed out outer side of the tights.

And this green fabric is light-weight Windbloc / front side & back side

Light-weight Windbloc fabric

Power Stretch — Choose from colors — Navy; royal blue; dark green; grape; black; dark purple

and choose a color of light-weight Windbloc — moss green; red; black