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fabric and clothes made of African fabric

We use fabrics from Ghana and the Netherlands.   Here is a good article on both called   African fabrics recent history


Leaving the Kumasi, Ghana market after a successful day of selling, I walked into the path of another clothing manufacturer.  After some talk we realized how much we had in common.  From there it was the commitment of working together.

Now we design and sew clothes in America and visit Ghana and Holland often.   You’ll see what also is made in the shop at  thefoxwear.net

With a background strongly immersed in my Ashanti culture, I know how each African fabric pattern represents a part of life.

I’ve learned how to use industrial sewing machines for the clothes I make.

From working in business (Volvo) and selling at the biggest market in West Africa as well as the Missoula Montana People’s Market, I’ve learned how to give customers what they want.

Here you’ll see some of the fabrics and clothes we make – https://www.instagram.com/f.lou/

  contact us via floufox@yahoo.com

Newest fabric

Dermizax – a different kind of membrane

Picture this: You’ve been lugging around a heavy pack for hours in the pouring rain, trying to make the most of the bad weather. And to your surprise, you notice that underneath your waterproof jacket it doesn’t feel like a sauna, even though you’ve been sweating like mad. How’s that even possible? Well, the jacket seems to be doing its job: protect you from the rain and wick moisture away – no matter the weather!
Dermizax was developed in Japan by the company Toray. Compared with other membranes such as Gore-Tex and eVent, this membrane boasts incredibly clever characteristics that really shine in functional outdoor clothing.
In contrast to several other membranes, the polyurethane Dermizax membrane is absent of pores, so there is nothing that could get clogged up. The fabric is “hydrophilic, which – simply put – means that there are tiny molecules with a strong affinity to water in the membrane that transport moisture to the outside. These hydrophilic molecules move more quickly through the membrane at higher temperatures, regardless of whether its the surrounding temperature or your body temperature that is high. So, if the humidity and warmth increases on the jacket’s interior, the difference between the inside and the outside temperature causes the molecules to transport more moisture to the outside.
Like all membranes – regardless of whether they have pores – if it weren’t for the difference in temperature, there wouldn’t be any breathability.
The nonporous construction serves to provide more breathability as the intensity of your movements increases and allows for more moisture and heat to be transferred to the outside. When you take breaks or are out on cold days when you don’t sweat as much, the membrane will keep you from getting cold because heat can’t escape through the pores. Thus, with a Dermizax membrane, you’re getting a membrane that is very variable in terms of its breathability. Another advantage of nonporous membranes is the fact that there aren’t any pores that can get clogged. The pores on conventional membranes are usually clogged by dirt or salts. The salts accumulate on the membrane as a result of our sweat and end up reducing its breathability.
Caring for the membrane is really easy as well. It doesn’t require any special detergent. Plus, you can wash Dermizax clothing as much as you want without diminishing its functionality in any way.
Another advantage of clothing with a Dermizax membrane is how it feels. The fabric is stretchable in all directions. So, not only is the fabric comfortable and robust, but it will also give you the mobility you need for outdoor activities. In fact, the membrane can stretch up to 200% in all directions without you having to worry about it getting damaged.
Thanks to the very thin and soft membrane, garments with a Dermizax membrane feel great against the skin – a tangible plus in terms of comfort.
Dermizax is now being used by a wide array of outdoor clothing brands. The very well-known Scandinavian outdoor company Bergans of Norway loves Dermizax! The Scandinavians place much more emphasis on the functionality and reliability of membrane than marketing. Plus, you can be sure that whatever material is capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of Norway will be perfectly suited to meet the requirements of your outdoor adventures.

Newest fabrics that have arrived

Power Wool   for tights

slightly different than Power Stretch in that’s it made up of 45% nylon/40% wool/15% spandex.  Approx. 2 to 3mm thick.  Black.  They are the same price as Power Stretch tights.

Power Wool for shirts is different from Power Wool for tights.  The tights fabric is warmer and stretchier.



Power Shield Pro / lightweight (1.5mm)  – Pro is a style of Power Shield with slightly different characteristics

███ lime green 

███ Terracotta orange


Power Shield midweight  –  This fabric has been great the last 15 years

███ olive green



Power Shield high loft like fur – with little stretch (5mm)

███ black


Power Shield high velour  (3.5mm)

███ in dark gold



Power Stretch  lightweight

███ cornflower blue

and   patterned black snowflake on slate gray

Power Dry Patterned


Power Stretch with DWR  super heavyweight 3mm thick  – the warmest version of the best selling Power Stretch fabric for somewhat better blocking of wind.  These tights are cozy warm.

███ black



Power Dry  heavyweight  –  of the 3 weights/thicknesses of next-to-skin first layer shirts, this checkerboard-inner fabric is the thickest at over 2mm thick.

███ chocolate brown


NeoShell testing results in Holland


Lightweight NeoShell fabric shouts versatility. Comfort. It is designed for the rugged outdoors athlete, the Nature lover, the camper, the skier, the cyclist, the hiker . . . if you venture outside in variable weather, then NeoShell fabric is a must. Regardless of the layers, regardless of quick temperature changes or swift-moving thunderstorms, your undergarments will remain dry, keeping you warm and comfortable.


April in the Netherlands was rainier and colder than usual. The NeoShell jacket and pants I brought proved amazing. Now with higher zipper that covers my upper neck I stayed comfortable whether biking or touring by public transport. Due to NeoShell’s unique properties, it made it easier to choose the correct layers (especially for me as a slender person) to wear under the jacket and the pants.


When riding a kilometer to the slagboom (a slang word that means a railroad crossing type gate) with my card that’s used to open the gate for friends who visited, I was caught in a drenching downpour. I could just barely see through my glasses. In a short time, I was back in the house with a dry jacket and pants thanks to NeoShell!


Lightweight NeoShell fabric is designed for all seasons. Summer afternoons at my place in Salmon, Idaho cloud up with high white cells of ominous-looking hail-filled thunderstorms. You don’t need a whole lot of layers underneath a jacket because the storm passes quickly and things warm up again.  NeoShell to the rescue!


I can’t praise NeoShell enough. It has become my go-to material.  NeoShell gives you the confidence of remaining comfortable through rain or shine, or changing temperatures that might give pause to how you layered your clothing. NeoShell takes the worry out of being outdoors.

keeping me very fit

Levi, my neighbor and Special Olympics athlete keeps me on my toes….my bike rides would be slow if it wasn’t for him pushing me.

Here he’s wearing the E Vap Lite jacket made of lightweight Windbloc and midweight Power Stretch.Levi modeling Foxwear jacket

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