May 2020 W Africa

Journal entries for May 2020

I had a great immersive walk with Ama for my birthday. 

Humble experience to be with poorer people. 


We’re fine and I’m hoping you too!

It’s cool – I’m getting used to people shouting across the roads to others, I mean really shouting!  On the bike it happens all the time.  And now there’s also people walking and shouting into their mobile phones, I recognize them because they usually wave their arms sideways or up and down.

 Kids smile to me big smiles.

When I walk with Ama the kids stare at me without smiling tho.

Today there was just enough breeze at noon to enjoy the ride. Downhills cool me off.  

We’re all hanging in there.


Well today I bought a sheet from an outdoor fabric stand using mostly Twi rather than English.  The women loved it when I bargained it down to 5 cedis ($1). I’ll cut it up to make cleaning rags.   Ama wasn’t there to help me which felt great.  I now understand why she tells me to carry a little money with me when out.

  It feels good to be away from some insanity USA-style.   Good luck coping with that stuff –  it’s not bad when reading about it from so far away.


Mostly I see poorer people when I walk or bike or shop at the market, at least they look poor.  Compared to life in the Northwest USA it’s way different.  I wish I could make friends for conversations with all the people I meet.

Ama sits down for long talks with family and friends and they agree on difficulties. I can tell by some of their expressions.  Anyway they’re good people.

  No running water here because hooking it up for a short time each year would be a hassle. So we carry to the kitchen and bathroom every day.  Good exercise.


It’s a relief to be around simple people for sure.

At least the people here are sane.


It’s been a well-needed relief to have two days that are cloudy and a high of just 90.   It lets me go up on the roof and find the places where the corrugated metal roofing sheets are indented enough to hold water and then find ways to leak into the house.

I’ll work on putting 2 new sheets on.

It was weird to see the neighbor’s kitty catch a bird that was almost the same size as the cat.  I think cats originally came from Africa.


Meditation is so important. I’m so happy that I developed those skills. There’s all kinds of things I have to stay calm about. Ants coming into the house and dealing with them. Power outages.  Midday heat.

  As long as I can get some needs met I’m fine. Some exercise, some yoga, some Feldonkries, some creative work like studying how to repair my sewing machines and my cars using YouTube.

I’m a lucky guy.