NeoShell testing results in Holland


Lightweight NeoShell fabric shouts versatility. Comfort. It is designed for the rugged outdoors athlete, the Nature lover, the camper, the skier, the cyclist, the hiker . . . if you venture outside in variable weather, then NeoShell fabric is a must. Regardless of the layers, regardless of quick temperature changes or swift-moving thunderstorms, your undergarments will remain dry, keeping you warm and comfortable.


April in the Netherlands was rainier and colder than usual. The NeoShell jacket and pants I brought proved amazing. Now with higher zipper that covers my upper neck I stayed comfortable whether biking or touring by public transport. Due to NeoShell’s unique properties, it made it easier to choose the correct layers (especially for me as a slender person) to wear under the jacket and the pants.


When riding a kilometer to the slagboom (a slang word that means a railroad crossing type gate) with my card that’s used to open the gate for friends who visited, I was caught in a drenching downpour. I could just barely see through my glasses. In a short time, I was back in the house with a dry jacket and pants thanks to NeoShell!


Lightweight NeoShell fabric is designed for all seasons. Summer afternoons at my place in Salmon, Idaho cloud up with high white cells of ominous-looking hail-filled thunderstorms. You don’t need a whole lot of layers underneath a jacket because the storm passes quickly and things warm up again.  NeoShell to the rescue!


I can’t praise NeoShell enough. It has become my go-to material.  NeoShell gives you the confidence of remaining comfortable through rain or shine, or changing temperatures that might give pause to how you layered your clothing. NeoShell takes the worry out of being outdoors.