Newest fabrics that have arrived

Power Wool   for tights

slightly different than Power Stretch in that’s it made up of 45% nylon/40% wool/15% spandex.  Approx. 2 to 3mm thick.  Black.  They are the same price as Power Stretch tights.



Power Shield Pro / lightweight (1.5mm)  – Pro is a style of Power Shield with slightly different characteristics

███ lime green 

███ Terracotta orange

███ and  black with turquoise on the back


Power Shield midweight  –  This fabric has been great the last 10 years

███ olive green

███ chocolate brown

███ dark gray


Power Shield high loft-like fur – with some stretch (4mm) in

███ dark chocolate/brown


Power Shield high loft like fur – with little stretch (5mm)

███ black


Power Shield high velour  (3.5mm)

███ in dark gold


Windbloc  super heavyweight   9mm thick  – plush high loft outer with DWR  if  you need more insulation in a windblocking and water resistant jacket

███ black

███ deep red

███ dark green


Quilted nylon Power Shield outside with large checkerboard design inner  high loft fleece (5mm) –

███ red with an orange shade

███ black

███ teal


Power Stretch  lightweight

███ cornflower blue


Power Stretch with DWR  super heavyweight 4mm thick  – the warmest version of the best selling Power Stretch 250 fabric for somewhat better blocking of wind.  These tights are cozy warm.

███ black


Power Dry lightweight

███ slate gray

and   patterned blue design on slate gray

Power Dry Patterned


Power Dry  heavyweight  –  of the 3 weights/thicknesses of next-to-skin first layer shirts, this checkerboard-inner fabric is the thickest at over 2mm thick.

███ chocolate brown in a light shade

███ dark shade of brown

███ darkest blue

███ black

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